what’s happening here


Beyond the Frats began as part of a class project for Davidson College’s GSS 350: Sex Radicals during the fall of 2019. The goal was to radically re-imagine the College’s process of addressing sexual violence through a transformative justice framework. Although this website was borne of course requirements, it has lasted beyond the semester-long project. Currently, the Davidson College Rape Awareness Committee (RAC) manages this site organized around the original group’s research. Here you will find research and resources on transformative justice and restorative justice and their implementation on college campuses, as well as our suggestions for new processes at Davidson College. Apart from making suggestions to reimagine Davidson’s social structure, the site’s creators and RAC research on the history of sexual violence and organize around sexual violence at Davidson. If you are interested in engaging in this discourse, please share your response to the site and the responses of others here.